The Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon

The Carrier of the Mark is Leigh Fallon’s first novel and it is most definitely promising! Set in Ireland Fallon incorporates the its history and legends throughout the novel. The story follows Megan Rosenberg who moves to Ireland with her father. While settling in, she hears whispers and experiences some odd occurrences all circulating around the mysterious family, the DeRises. One of the children, Adam DeRis captures her immediate attention with his gruff yet gorgeous exterior with Megan feeling an impeccable pull between them. Throughout the novel Megan discovers she is one of the ‘Marked Ones’, a group of four individuals who can harness the elements. With a mix of  Twilight romance and Mortal Instruments action, The Carrier of the Mark takes you on a journey of a powerful and gifted person who will do anything to protect the ones she loves.

Review by Karine

One comment

  1. Jenny Conroy (@Jen_Conroy) · September 16, 2011

    Fantastic review! Cant wait to have the real book in my hands!

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