August Newsletter 2011

August is here and so is our first newsletter. Hooray!

Please click on the link below. Happy reading.


August Newsletter 2011


  1. Jane Darmanth√© · August 28, 2011

    Loved visiting the bookshop and participating in the book busking on the 20th August on our recent visit to Bega. Arrived back in Toulouse yesterday. Wish there was a Candelo bookshop here ūüė¶
    I will enjoy using my scrabble mug purchased in your store…and I’m loving The Tiger’s Wife.
    Keep up the good work

  2. candelobooks · August 29, 2011

    Thanks Jane. We hope that being in Toulouse is some consolation for not having a local Candelo Books.

    And we love the Tiger’s Wife! What an amazingly mature book for such a young writer. Reading it reminds you of just how magical the world actually is.

    Oh, and we posted photos from the Book Busking event on our facebook page

    Best regards,

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